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Green Harbor Technology has delivered 52 ProPower power stands to the Port of Thyborøn, as part of the port’s goal towards full digitization


With the new electric stands, the customer can switch the socket on and off with the mobile phone, and then have an invoice with documentation of his consumption sent to him automatically. The port has made an integration with ProPower, which has resulted in a simplified administration for the accounting department through the introduction of automated invoicing of electricity consumption.

“Before the investment in new electric stands, we did not have the full overview. People could put the plug in the stands, and if they remembered it, they could put a secondary meter on, but really we did not know how much power was used without being billed. It took before two employees a day and a half to get a rough overview. Now a single man spends 20-25 minutes on it, and we can see that we get invoiced for all the electricity that is used, ”says Christian Vrist, Technical Director at Thyborøn Harbor. We are in collaboration with the port already developing the same technology for ProPower for recording water consumption. If you want to know more about how you can make your processes more digital or hear more about ProPower, please contact us at:

Tel: +45 75 803 960 or email:


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