Vikingegaarden A/S

Competitive advantages

Your time is precious and so is your customers’. You will have tools that are required in a busy business day.

Your customer may need a monitoring solution and the best solution to give your customer is a tool that meets their need and a bit more and that is what you can offer your customers by Vikingegaarden products. Your competitive advantages are cost-effective installations in the short and long run, time-efficient mounting and many possibilities in making service businesses.

Our job is to empower your service business and make it easy and fun while doing business.

Easy to install

Connect a meter, sensor or other equipment with relay outputs.
No software to install, no VPN or router configuration, no IP addresses to keep track of.

Get online via GSM/GPRS or LAN minutes after receiving your VikMote-unit.

Instant live and control from web, email, SMS and more.

Online access

VikMote-units communicate with the cloud-based system called VMS.
VMS gives you web access to all of your customers’ installations in real time from a single login.

  • Configuration of the VikMote unit
  • Collect and store data of alarms with time stamp
  • Respond to an alarm and make a note to the alarm
  • Collect and store data of whom and when has responded to alarms.

Data acquisition

All VikMote units have a data logger and can be activated any time if needed.
All solutions from us are designed for data collection and are made easy to track and read data on the cloud-based system, VMS.

  • Easy to print reports and graphs.
  • Easy to extract data as excel file.
  • Easy to make a web service to integrate to own IT systems.