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Powerful tool for ProPower customers – apply the same app to all ports or companies with ProPower equipment

The ProPower App is now on Google Play and available as an free app.

ProPower App viser et kortoversigt

It is an app for anyone who would like to have an overview of all ProPower equipment near one’s current position. The app shows the ProPower equipment that has been granted access to and can be used at any port or company that has ProPower equipment.


With the ProPower App you can:

  1. Easy overview of all ProPower equipment on map
  2. See which power outlets are available on ServicePedestal or other ProPower equipment
  3. See status of ongoing purchases, e.g. you have switched on an electrical outlet and see if it is on and how much you have consumed energy so far
  4. See all historical consumption, e.g. what did I use of electricity or water last week and what port the consumption was registered in

The ProPower App is part of the major upgrade to ProPower 4.0 and is intended as the future tool for operating all ProPower equipment at ports or companies using the ProPower IoT system.

The first version now released can display a summary map and consumption data. The next version that we have already started is a lot to look forward to, for example:

  1. Switching on and off the electrical and water outlets
  2. Switch the lighting on and off if the port uses OnSiteLight
  3. Pay immediately with MobilePay unless you have a ProPower account

It is anticipated that the next ProPower App version will be ready by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

For ports with ProPower equipment

How can ports and companies offer their ProPower customers an easy overview of ProPower equipment? It only requires ProPower equipment to run with ProPower 4.0.

Contact us for more information on how and how to upgrade your ProPower equipment. It’s easy and can be done over the cloud. In addition, alarm management is greatly improved with the upgrade.

About ProPower

ProPower is an IoT system that digitises all consumption in electricity, water and heating with built-in operational monitoring. With ProPower, the port can streamline workflows across the organisation, thus saving the port or company a lot of time.