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Vikingegaarden A/S collaborates with Danfoss Drives A/S by integrating Danfoss Drives Grid converter into ProPower ShoreSupply, an alternate marine power solution

Furthermore, Vikingegaarden A/S has partnered with Caverion Marine on the delivery and installation of ProPower ShoreSupply as a turnkey solution.

ProPower ShoreSupply is a solution for alternate marine power to ships at berth. It is a system for automatic registration of all electricity consumption from the ship and monitoring of the entire alternate marine power solution. It can be supplied with variable net voltages and frequencies.

ProPower ShoreSupply is as easy to operate as the ProPower ServicePedestal – the difference is just the power effects, where ProPower ShoreSupply is for large power effects. The user must simply call or use contactless device to turn on the power.

Green port

With ProPower ShoreSupply, ports can profile themselves as a green port, as diesel generators can now be replaced with alternate marine power solution powered from the electricity grid. Thus, the reduce of noise levels as well as CO2, NOx and SOx emissions at the port can be achieved.

Danfoss Drives’ standardised Grid Converters fits very well to our standardised solutions in ProPower. Therefore, I am extremely pleased that we now collaborate with Danfoss on the integration of intelligent Grid converter solutions in ProPower with a view to delivering standardised AMP solutions to ports”, says CEO Ulrik Østergaard.

”I am also very pleased to have found a partner like Caverion Marine who can handle turnkey AMP solutions to ports”, concludes Ulrik Østergaard.

Vikingegaarden A/S, Ulrik Østergaard

Turnkey solution, ready for use

It is a standardised solution for shore power that can be built into a container or in a house where the port is free to choose a supplier and installation contractor.

However, it can be of great advantage for the port to choose a supplier with know-how and expertise in installing and servicing solutions within alternate marine power.

Caverion Marine has many years of experience in delivering turnkey AMP solutions to e.g. leading shipowners. The installation company Caverion Marine is used to working in an environment where both reliability and personal safety are crucial factors.

Vikingegaarden A/S has partnered with Caverion Marine precisely because they have this know-how and expertise in delivering, installing and servicing turnkey AMP solutions to ports. Caverion Marine makes the integration of ProPower ShoreSupply into a container or into a building and is responsible for the correct installation of the complete AMP solution at the port.

”We are very pleased with our partnership with Vikingegaarden A/S, where together we can deliver a smart AMP solution to ports”, says Per Koopmann, Head of Marine from Caverion Marine.

Caverion Marine, Per Koopmann

Important components from Danfoss

ShoreSupply is an alternate marine power solution that supplies ships and vessels power at different voltage and frequency levels using Grid converter components from Danfoss Drives.

By utilising the electricity from the land-based power grid, the ship’s generators can be turned off so that future demands from governments and port authorities can be met.

We from Danfoss see a great need for alternate marine power solutions in the future due to increasing focus on environmental objectives for ports from both the IMO and the EU. With ShoreSupply, we have a good and environmentally friendly alternative to ships with diesel-powered generators”, says Jens-Christian Strate, Key Account Manager from Danfoss Drives.

Danfoss Drives, Jens-Christian Strate

Parallel connection

ProPower ShoreSupply is a smart solution in many ways. It is a solution that maximises the use of the port’s AMP solution capacities. The parallel connection makes it very easy and convenient for ports to provide service for ships and vessels with different power requirements based on existing solutions at the port.

ProPower ShoreSupply can, using parallel connection, use several smaller AMP facilities in parallel to deliver greater effects.

The AMP solutions can be connected in parallel no matter how large or small the power capacity is and can easily be remotely controlled via the cloud-based system. This achieves an extremely efficient use and maximum utilisation of capacities at the port.

Landstrøm parallelkobling shoresupply propower


Many advantages of smart shore-2-ship power solution for both the harbor, the climate and the ship owner:

  • Save money on generator operation as the energy is obtained from the land-based electricity grid.
  • Less local noise nuisances.
  • Lower CO2, NOx and SOx emissions as the ship’s main engine can be shut down.
  • Avoid rent of a diesel generator, which can be an expensive operating cost.
  • A more flexible solution that can cover several voltage and frequency levels.
  • ProPower ShoreSupply can be supplied with both liquid or air-cooled Grid Converters.
  • Standardised AMP solutions that complies with ABS and DNV standards.
  • Cloud-based solution with automatic registration and data collection of all electricity consumption in real time.


Danfoss Drives, Jens-Christian Strate

Danfoss Drives A/S
Jens-Christian Strate
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Vikingegaarden A/S, Ulrik Østergaard

Vikingegaarden A/S
Ulrik Østergaard
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Caverion Marine, Per Koopmann

Caverion Marine
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