Vikingegaarden A/S



We are experts in data logging, wireless data communication and remote control of processes with cloud-based system, and with the possibility of electronic data exchange between cloud system and own IT system.

  • We develop, produce and deliver total solutions to companies in need of optimisation and efficiency of operations.
  • We offer standard solutions – ready for commissioning.
  • We offer modification of existing total solutions as needed and in accordance to requests.
  • We offer development of solutions according to requirements and as desired.
  • We have a close partnership with several Danish and recognised players in the production of, for example, service pedestals, galvanised iron racks, standard components for various measurement and registration of electricity, heat and water consumption. Total solutions such as ProPower ServicePedestal and ProPower WaterStation produced in Denmark.

About Vikingegaarden A/S

Vikingegaarden was founded by Ulrik Østergaard in 2003 and had one employee at that time. After a few years as a start-up company, Vikingegaarden A/S was registered in 2006. Today, after more than 12 years, the company has up to 10 employees located in Denmark and Lithuania, respectively.

The owner Ulrik Østergaard was ahead of his time and saw a growing need for digitisation of processes and plants. Therefore, the monitoring and control units were supplemented with an online management system back in 2003. The online management system is still running today and is better known today as VMS Cloud.

For the past 16 years, the company has provided solutions in the monitoring and control of pumps, pressure transmitters and temperature meters, as well as monitoring and data logging of various analog and digital signals for the agricultural industry, industrial ports, contractors, agricultural contractors, installation contractors, the public sector and EU projects within SmartenCity and E-mobility.

Latest news

Our latest product release is ProPower, a system for measuring and logging consumed electricity, water and heat with a centralised customer database in VMS Cloud.

VMS Cloud is constantly being developed and updated, and the year 2019 is a big year for VMS Cloud as the transition to a completely new basic system is initiated. It will have a great impact on current and future communication platforms in relation to better, faster and more secure wireless machine-to-machine communication.

2019 is also the year the WebService ERP module is launched to electronically exchange consumption data between VMS Cloud and its own financial system where companies get consumption data directly from the electricity meter in the company’s own financial system.


We strengthen companies’ competitive advantages with cloud-based and intelligent automation solutions.


We want to create the market’s best cloud-based automation solutions.