Vikingegaarden A/S

CUMULUS AS supplier to Danish agriculture for more than 15 years 

From a CUMULUS weather station, you get weather data that has been measured in the right way – that’s why it can be used!


Optimize your production with a weather station 

– make the right decisions – when you must: 

  • spray at 3 in the morning 
  •   then your crops – is the soil temperature, for example, the right one? 
  •   decide which field you will work on today – can save many kilometers. 
  •   harvest – where is it dry? 
  •   fertilize 
  •   find out how far your crops are 




A simple solution 

– for a demanding profession 







Get a geographical overview 

What is the weather like around the operating area. Just 10 km can make a big difference. 


A Cumulus weather station can also be set up abroad. There are Cumulus weather stations in Poland and England. 







A weather station that can be placed in the right place 

A solution without requirements for cable connections, own computer, programs and monitoring. 









The most optimal solution is a weather station with: 

  • Wind direction and strength, as well as gusts – 10 min. update 
  •  Temperature 
  •  Air humidity 
  • Soil temperature 
  • Rain gauge 
  • Soil moisture 







The most used in agriculture 

Delivered on a mast with an anemometer for approx. 3 meters high. The wind is measured and officially indicated at a height of ten meters. It would be good if the weather station could be placed high in the terrain. In connection with spraying, the wind strength can be reduced. The temperature and humidity gauge must sit at a height of 2 meters and can be mounted together with the rain gauge. 








We have developed a weather station that meets the requirements the industry has wanted for many years – namely a station that is simple and easy to use. A CUMULUS weather station only requires access to the Internet to view the data and possibly download them. Our offer covers both the weather station and the operation itself. This means collecting data and making it available on the website as well as monitoring the weather station. We also provide meteorological advice if there is any doubt about the interpretation of the data.