Vikingegaarden A/S

A system 

  – which ensures that all WEATHER data is received 

  • Data from the weather station is saved in the built-in data logger (as a backup) 
  • Sends them via the wireless Internet or a LAN connection 
  • A LAN connection is a cheaper and more secure data connection 
  • The weather data is stored on our central server 
  • Available on a phone and at behind a login 
  • Can be sent as an SMS to one or more people 
  • Can be downloaded from the website 
  • Can possibly sent via FTP 







We do the work 

– the weather data is in the cloud so everyone can see it. 

If you buy a CUMULUS weather station, we also enter into an operating agreement – CUMULUS Observation Manager. It makes it easy for you. It is our primary task to operate weather stations, therefore it is natural that we also take care of the processing of the weather data. That way, you can be sure that there is weather data when you need it. 

For a shorter period, it is also possible to buy weather data from a CUMULUS weather station. 







The operating agreement provides the following options: 

  • Access to the data at 
  • Sends a message (as an SMS) about particularly risky weather situations 
  • Download weather data so that it can be included, for example, in customer reports 
  • Get help from a meteorologist if there are doubts about the interpretation of weather data 







The operating agreement also contains: 

  • GSM subscription – for data transfer (can also be connected to a LAN connection) 
  • Monitoring of operations 
  • Storage of weather data on central server 
  • Automatic transfer of weather data to own server 







A rain gauge is important 

Rain is the weather parameter that is of great importance – as rain very often falls very differently from place to place. Shown here with two rain gauges – to ensure the weather data. It can also be two rain gauges with different resolutions, e.g. 0.2 mm and 0.5 mm. 

Other editions 

The weather station can be supplied in many other versions – such as a different sensor program or for example for mounting in its own mast. A camera can also be connected.