Vikingegaarden A/S




Where should the weather station be set up? 

We are happy to provide meteorological guidance in connection with setting up weather stations. 







Foundation pipe. The weather station is placed in the foundation pipe and fastened. 

It can be pressed down (e.g. with an excavator) or can also be dug down manually. Depending on the soil, it can also be cast firmly. 







Side bracket 

  The weather station can be mounted on the side of a house or shed. 









Measure at the right height 

To get the right quality, it may be necessary to measure the wind at the right height (over 6 meters) 

We offer to come and install it for you. 

The boom is horizontal for installation in a mast. 







Anemometer 6 meters high 


A weather station with an anemometer for 6 meters – using a 6 meter kit. 

It consists of an extra pipe, support pipe (foot), wire and peg.