Vikingegaarden A/S

Flexible weather station 

– a Cumulus weather station comes in many versions 



The weather station is built around a minicomputer, which can receive input from many different sensors. 

All weather stations send the data to our central server. Therefore, we have an uptime close to 100%. 

We have many different sensors in our program – here, for example, a wind sensor from Gill Instruments, which measures both wind strength and wind direction. 

There are no wireless connections 







Weather station especially for agriculture 

Rain, air temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind strength as well as soil temperature. 

Weather station model: Cu6-DDffRRttRHst 

It is the optimal weather station for agriculture. 

The weather station measures the wind at a height of 3 meters to provide the best observation for different treatment of the crops. Temperature and humidity are measured at a height of 2 meters – which is the official level. The soil sensor must go down 10 centimeters below the surface. 







Weather station for construction 

Rain, air temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind strength. 

Weather station model: Cu5-DDffRRttRH 

With the five parameters, we have the most all-round weather station in our series. The weather station can be mounted in several ways depending on the conditions. The official measuring height for the wind is 10 m and 2 m for the temperature. However, it is not always possible nor desired by the customer to measure at those heights. 







Rain gauge 

Weather station model: Cu1-RR 

The rain gauges are the most important for most industries. Rain falls very differently, and it can be difficult to prove that it has rained without having data from the location. 







Rain gauge (eco) 

Weather station model: Cu1a-RR 

The rain gauges are built around a small minicomputer. It can be set up indoors or in a shed possibly. under a half roof (IP66). The cable for the rain gauge can be extended almost indefinitely. Price DKK 4,850.00 ex VAT and levy. Is otherwise built around the same platform as the other CUMULUS weather stations. 







Rain gauge and temperature 

Weather station model: Cu2-RRtt 

A weather station that measures the amount of rain and temperature is the weather station that tells the most about the climate. These are precisely the two parameters that are included in the descriptions of the climate around the globe. 







Wind direction and wind strength 

Weather station model: Cu2-DDff 

In many places, the wind is the only interesting thing, for example in the wind energy industry. 

Cumulus weather stations measure both wind direction, mean wind and wind gust. The mean wind is an average over 10 min. The standard version measures the mean wind once an hour. Gust is an average over 3 sec. As a starting point, the weather station indicates the highest value that it has measured within the last hour. 







Precipitation meter 

Weather station model: Cu1-RR_pre 

The precipitation gauge, which can measure rain, sleet and snow. It is equipped with heat. 







Rain gauge 

Weather station model: Cu1-RR0205 

A dual rain gauge system. Here you get the optimal solution when the focus is on rain. The two rain gauges each have their own measuring range, with a large overlap. 









Wind gauge 

Weather station model: Cu2-DDff 

Robust anemometer. Is an advantage when the conditions are challenging, for example when there is a lot of salt in the air. 








Weather station model: Cu-Multi-DDffTTrhPPP 

A multiSensor without moving parts. 

It measures: 

  • rain (optical) 
  • Mean wind direction, mean wind strength and gust (ultrasound) 
  • Temperature 
  • Air humidity 
  • Air pressure 
  • GPS position 







Wind gauge 

Weather station model: Cu2-DDff65 

The Gill WindObserver 65 is a rugged precision ultrasonic anemometer that provides wind speed and wind direction data and is housed in an IP66 rated stainless steel housing particularly suitable for use in salt water environments 










Wind gauge 

Weather station model: Cu2-DDffws 


Anemometer with very high accuracy from Risø 








This sensor measures the short-wave radiation that we receive from the sun 







Water level 

The weather station can be connected to this device, which has a sensor in the water and can measure the water level. 










The weather station can be connected to a camera. It will send images at times it is set to. 







Road temperature 

The weather station can measure the temperature on the surface for use in warning of slippery roads.