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When harbor weather turns to COASTAL weather 

When you are on the water, the wind is always the big question and often a challenge. In the coastal areas, the wind is influenced by both sea and land. The wind inside the harbor is rarely interesting. On the other hand, the wind conditions on water are of great interest. Therefore, an anemometer must be as far out as possible. In Nivå Harbor, the anemometer has come all the way out on the pier and on top of that, the geography of the harbor is such that the anemometer has an open area of almost 270 degrees 







The weather station is located at the top of the southern pier. It is almost up for approx. 7 meters above sea level. 







The weather station sends data every 10 minutes: 

  • The wind direction in the corner of the world – an average over 10 minutes. 
  • Wind strength: Medium over 10 min. 
  • Gust: 3 sec. means. The biggest value in the last hour. 
  • All values follow World Meteorological Organization (WMO) guidelines. 









Båd nyt (Boat news) has previously written about Cumulus 

Meteorologist Torben Klausen is behind Cumulus, which makes a simple and light weather station, suitable for use in ports. – In step with climate change and very violent weather, they are becoming unavoidable, says Torben Klausen. The weather station must have 230 V (possibly solar cells), all data processing takes place at Cumulus. Sailors can log in via an app and automatically receive data from the nearest station. The measuring equipment is professional and designed to withstand harsh conditions. Rungsted Harbor has got a weather station, and chairman of KDY Lars Ive says: – In 2016, we installed a weather station on the roof, and it is a great tool, not only when sailing, but also when making decisions about a trip on the water with family or friends