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Data Security and IoT

Cyber-attacks are the biggest threat

A cyber-attack on IoT installations is becoming more and more relevant as more systems and devices become available online for businesses and consumers. This is a serious threat that must not be neglected, especially when ports and companies process personal data.

Privacy Policy

ProPower is a reliable IoT system that collects sensitive data from electricity, water and heat meters as well as other sensors for the port or company and communicates via a GSM or LAN network to a highly protected data centre in Denmark with encryption. Each installation is like a separate island and is completely independent of the other IoT installations.


With the ProPower IoT system, ports and businesses get an IoT system that not only creates value for the company or customers – customers can rest assured that their data is protected and processed only by those for whom they have given their consent.

The IoT system can provide buildings and decentralised facilities and equipment with sensors, so that they can wirelessly collect and transmit data, which through VMS Cloud translates into new operational and valuable knowledge.