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Our customers do no longer need our help to turn on the power from the power supply pedestal, and all electricity consumption is automatically recorded.

Digitisation of electricity consumption, November 2019
Top photo: LINDØ port of ODENSE

Back in 2016 and 2017, LINDØ port of ODENSE researched the market for a solution in digitising electricity consumption from the electrical panels at the quays. The solution selected a cloud-based system from Vikingegaarden A / S called ProPower.

Vikingegaarden A/S as a digitisation partner

Head of Department Michael Witt Gudmundsson, Buildings & Facilities, LINDØ port of ODENSE explains: “We researched the market for a system for digit

ProPwoer ServicePedestal
ProPower ServicePedestal

al measuring of the electricity consumption and chose Vikingegaarden A/S as a supplier, since they have a flexible solution that can be adjusted according to our needs, and the opportunity for further development of the system”.

However, the deciding factor for LINDØ port of ODENSE was the power supply pedestal solution called ProPower ServicePedestal, which digitises and automates the registration of electricity consumption from the power supply pedestal, says Michael. The first digitised power supply pedestals were installed and commissioned in 2017.




Streamlined workflow with savings

Michael continues: “Our challenge was data management of electricity consumption manually, resulting several man-hours each time a non-digitised power supply pedestal was used. We have now streamlined our work processes at the quay and data management after acquiring the digitised solution. Our customers do no longer need our help to turn on the power from the power supply pedestal, and all electricity consumption is automatically recorded. The customer now receives a text message when they start using power from the selected connector, and they receive a text message again when they finish using the power supply pedestal. Our finance department can now extract consumption data themselves from the cloud system, which has facilitated the work processes”.


LINDØ port of ODENSE today uses ProPower solutions for monitoring, measuring and data logging of all electricity consumption from the quay, buildings and decentralised areas.

Briefly about ProPower

ProPower is a system for measuring and data logging electricity, water and heat consumption from the ports, buildings and decentralised areas. Different equipment can be offered for different needs, common to all ProPower solutions is that they are delivered as a complete solution. Every equipment is managed by a centralised customer database and communicates 2-way with VMS Cloud in real time via the GSM network.

An equipment by ProPower is operationally completely independent of any other equipment – all consumption is logged in the equipment and is wirelessly synchronized with VMS Cloud. From VMS Cloud, customers, alarm lists, operating status and consumption reports are managed. Read more about ProPower.

VMS Cloud

VMS Cloud is a cloud system to ProPower equipment where you can make settings, monitor and manage any ProPower equipment. Your accountant can log on VMS Cloud and retrieve consumption reports with detailed consumption data on each customer – use the data as documentation for settlement of electricity, heating and water consumption.

WebService ERP

WebService ERP enables you to get consumption data directly from your financial system where consumption data from ProPower equipment is integrated into your own system. Read more about WebService ERP.