Vikingegaarden A/S


The downpour gauge can measure all types of precipitation expressed in mm of downpour. 

The downpour gauge registers the amount of rainfall via the funnel, which directs the collected rainfall into the self-emptying bucket. A magnet is placed on the spoon which holds the spoon in its normal position. This causes the spoon to empty with a quick movement (under 300 mS) and return to normal position. 

The funnel has a collection area of 200 cm2. 

At an air temperature of plus 3 degrees, the heating system in the copper funnel turns on and is ready to melt snow and sleet. The funnel never gets warmer than 2-3 degrees. The measuring room (no. 5 fig. 2) always has a temperature of 22-23 degrees and thus low humidity. 

the eddy gauge has a resolution of 0.2 mm with an accuracy of ±2%. The capacity is 12 tips per min., which is 2.4 mm per minute or 144 mm per hour. 


When setting up: 

Drip filter (stick – no. 4 fig. 2) must be mounted at the bottom of the funnel. 

The top edge of the downpour gauge should be horizontal. 






Downpour gauges meet World Meteorological Organization (WMO) regulations. 

It consists of: 

  • Top ring – the collection area is 200 mm2 
  • Middle ring 
  • Meter housing 
  • Drip filter 
  • Heated measuring room 
  • Insulated drain pipe 
  • Connection plug 
  • Cable with plug from the control box – signal and power to heaters 
  • Thermostatically controlled heaters 






The electronic circuit board is individually tested and of high quality, the reed switch is protected against extreme weather conditions such as extreme frost or heat. The funnel is coated with PCB and is therefore protected against corrosion from e.g. salt water. The material is called Stryrosun – further information can be requested.