Vikingegaarden A/S

The station does not work: 

Is there power? 

Is there no light in the two LED mrk. GPRS and Drift, there is no power on the device. 

Find the fault and reconnect the power. The station will boot up and begin collecting data. 


There is no light in the two LEDs – respectively GPRS and Operation? 

If there is no light in GPRS, the fault is apparently with the telephone company. When a GPRS connection is established again, the station will again send data – also from the period when there has been no connection. Operation must flash or slowly light green. If it does not, there are problems with the program in the station – you must contact CUMULUS A/S. 


No data received! 

If there are 10 min. if no data has been received at all, there is of course no GPRS connection and there will be no light in the LED mrk. GPRS. If Operation flashes green as usual, the data will be saved in the data logger (the data logger has data from the last 2 months). When there is a GPRS connection again, all the data will be sent. Some parameters may fail – they will also be sent the next time data is sent. If there is no data on the website, and there has been a GPRS connection for more than one year – then contact CUMULUS A/S. We can retrieve the data from the station and put it on the website.