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Concrete floating pier

Do you need a floating pier with high load capacity, good stability and which is designed for exposed areas. 

Then we can offer Pontech concrete floating piers. 

The concrete floating pier consists of pontoons made of concrete with a core of cellular plastic, which makes it floatable and gives it an expected long life. 

A concrete pontoon has wave-damping properties depending on how it is constructed. 

The increase in width further strengthens the wave dampening effect. The anchoring is done with chain, rope logs or piles. 

However, concrete pontoons still have more advantages than that. They have a fast delivery time, they can be easily moved without much work, and this makes it a more environmentally friendly alternative. 

You can also get concrete pontoons as breakwaters. These pontoons are specifically made for very exposed areas, and go further into the water, so they absorb more of the energy of the waves. Otherwise, they are constructed just like regular concrete pontoons, with the same properties. 

All the concrete pontoons are prepared so that water and electricity can be drawn in. The connection is made with our coupling system, which consists of a rubber/wire coupling. 

If you want a more exclusive look, Concrete pontoons can also be clad in wood, but this requires a little extra care to extend their lifespan. 

All floating piers can be tailored to your needs. 

If you want to know more about floating piers, contact to hear more about our selection.