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Data overview and improved, more stable operation of mobile purification stations benefit all users.

The environment is an area with a lot of focus, and in Denmark a great deal of work is done to reduce the extent of pollution. One of the areas of action is the purification of contaminated water and soil, both in the form of acute and planned purifications. For both types of purification, the requirements for the equipment are high, as environmental management is an extremely sensitive process.

Mobile purification stations

At Entreprenør Frisesdahl in Vejen, where director Hans Jørgen Frisesdahl heads the environmental department, a web-based monitoring system Vision is used to ensure stable operations. The first mobile purification station was set up at a gas station in Vamdrup in 1997. In addition to gas stations, today e.g. private plots and landfills. The purification stations are monitored by the system. Based on an assessment of the various monitoring solutions on the market, Frisesdahl chose a solution based on ease of use, flexibility and operational reliability.

Data transfer and alarms

At the purification stations, a VikMote device is mounted, which is a data logger, from which data is transferred wirelessly to the VMS Cloud. As a result, the stations are quick to put into operation, which is especially important in emergency clean-ups, where quick action is an important factor in limiting the extent of damage.

In the event of a stoppage of a station, Frisesdahl receives an alarm that informs about where and what the problem is. The error can be analyzed and it can be assessed whether personal assistance is required. Then a professional can be sent out, or you can try to correct the error or start the process again via the web-based system. The ability to perform a targeted problem solving provides a great saving in time and resources.

An additional advantage of Vision is the continuous data transfer. From his office, Hans Jørgen Frisesdahl can follow all the clean-ups online and in real time. It provides a good overview and helps to optimize operations. Eg. the pipes can be lowered at just the right time, when oil is sucked up from an aquifer and the groundwater drops.


“Our customers are very happy to be able to extract data – it gives them a good overview”

Hans Jørgen Frisesdahl, Direktor at Frisesdahl


From his office in Vejen, Director Hans Jørgen Frisesdahl can keep an eye on all his purification stations:

The consultant’s overview Morten Christensen is a project manager at Rambøll in Vejle with a focus on soil and groundwater purification. (Reference history anno 2014) At Rambøll’s department for soil and groundwater in Vejle, they work to remove pollution from water, soil and air, and purification stations from Frisesdahl are mainly used. Morten Christensen is project manager in the department for land remediation. He is responsible for clean-ups throughout the Southern Denmark Region and provides support to Rambøll’s other departments in Denmark, the Nordic region and England. The use of the web-based system means that he has a complete overview of all the stations in the entire area from the office in Vejle. “The operational reliability of the VMS is incredibly high, and I can create full documentation for the customer at any time using graphs and reports.” Morten Christensen, project manager at Rambøll With the monitoring solution, it is now possible to ensure that data is never lost – regardless of the operating conditions at the purification station – as the built-in data loggers ensure automatic logging of operating data. The logged data is then automatically transferred to the VMS Cloud, to which users always have access. After Rambøll introduced the solution, data collection and data transfer have been completely stable.

Just like for Hans Jørgen Frisesdahl, it is a great advantage for Morten Christensen that, with the help of Vision, he can continuously follow the cleaning processes. The reliability of operation means that time frames can be kept, as irregularities in the operation are detected quickly and the error can be corrected without major delays. Full documentation of the operation Morten Christensen regularly reports to his customers, who are private customers, regions, municipalities and insurance companies. The web system’s graphs and reports meet the customer’s requirements for documentation. In addition, the customer has access to the data themselves and can see the status at any time, just as they can extract information. Benefits for all users The web-based solution with multi-user access means that all users can access data at any time. The parties involved each have their own user profile in the VMS Cloud, where the cleaning process can be followed, both in real time and historically. The operator can follow the technical operation and maintenance, the consulting engineer can get a total overview and extract data for reporting, and the customer can see the current status for himself at any time. The monitoring solution Vision lives up to Hans Jørgen Frisesdahl and Morten Christensen’s expectations, and thus helps them in their daily work to improve the environment. Facts about pollution Pollution is defined as adding substances to nature that are harmful to ecosystems and organisms. Pollution can be caused by the release of harmful substances, e.g. oil. Pollution can also be a harmful amount of natural substances. It can, for example, be overfertilization or spillage of manure by accident. The pollutant lies in the fact that these substances are added in such quantities that the balance in the ecosystems is disturbed.