Vikingegaarden A/S

Great demand of electrical panels lead to the relocation of production to a company that matches demand.

“The order book of several million meant that we had to reevaluate our production time in relation to demand, and we also had the opportunity to raise service levels by entering into a new collaboration with Pro-Automatic A/S. With the speed of demand, we had to look at a production company that could match it and we found it in Pro-Automatic A/S.

We have therefore entered into a new collaboration with Pro-Automatic A/S in the production of ProPower ServiceStander,” says Ulrik Østergaard, Managing Director of Vikingegaarden A/S.

“Pro-Automatic has a good reputation in the industry that we would like to relate to ProPower ServiceStander. They have core values ​​that we can relate to on many points.

Our customers can easily choose of standard electrical panels that are already designed and ready for production. In addition, the customer can choose the tripod best suited to their area with or without LED lighting. All this can be customized to customer needs and wishes. It is a modular-based system.

It is a service we would like to offer our customers. Pro-Automatic immediately understood that we are dealing with a conceptual sale. We understand each other’s ways of doing business.

They provide standardized electrical panel documented to the smallest detail – it is very important in this industry, especially when it comes to selling electricity from solutions like ProPower ServiceStander.

That’s why I’m here today together with the director of Pro-Automatic Michael Schrøder and shake hands with a message to our customers and prospective customers that it’s an engagement that only benefits our customers,” concludes Ulrik Østergaard.

ProPower ServiceStander is a self-service stand with measurement of any consumption of electricity and water from the service pedestal. Read more about ProPower ServiceStander (In Danish).