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Physical buoys

Physical buoys

Our range of physical buoys is manufactured to integrate the latest marine designs and processes, making it possible to offer high quality products at very competitive prices.

As a dealer of Full Ocean’s physical buoys, we can offer standardized environmentally friendly products that are as designed for needs in Danish Ports and Waters.

  • The buoys are produced from rotationally molded special plastic and therefore never have to be painted (7years color guarantee )
  • The buoys do not require more meters of water, and therefore ideal for Danish conditions
  • The buoys are manufactured for, with an eye for easy handling and low maintenance, where safety, performance and cost have been prioritized
  • Buoys are offered that have good hydrostatic stability with the ballast stones in the water, and with good visual visibility

With Full Oceans physical buoys you get:

  • Easy and quick assembly / implementation
  • Easy to handle and put on boat decks
  • Good service and maintenance with small boats
  • 7 year warranty (incl. Color)
  • Approved by the US as well as the Canadian Maritime Service (Arctic conditions)
  • Adjustable ballast

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