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ProPower EnergyLogger

ProPower EnergyLogger is the facilitator towards Industry 4.0, enabling digitisation of physical installations and features for measurement, data collection and monitoring.

ProPower EnergyLogger is a solution for measuring and data collection of electricity, water and heat consumption in residential and commercial buildings as well as decentralised plants and features as meters and sensors.


The system collects data on all consumption and thus forms the basis for documentation when settling usage – invoices immediately or as needed, e.g. on a weekly or daily basis.

From one web login, usage data can be displayed as graphs and in report form – export easily to Excel file.


Everything is monitored in the data logger and the connected meters, get a complete overview of the operating status of the installations at any time from the cloud system. E.g. an alarm message is sent as an SMS or email by power outage or if the meter no longer detects usage.

Data communication

Each installation is connected to the cloud server in real time either via GSM, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It is an independent stand-alone device that runs without connection with any other installations in the system. Thus, it does not affect other installations if the connection is interrupted, as the connection is one-to-one.

Get operating status and usage data from just one single point web access or by web service that sends and receives data directly to own IT system. A system that has no requirements for internal IT infrastructure, ready for assembly and commissioning.

Industry 4.0

ProPower EnergyLogger is the facilitator towards Industry 4.0. It is digitisation of physical facilities and productions. ProPower EnergyLogger makes it easy to:

  • remote control physical installations and system components such as temperature sensors, valve motors, pressure switches and energy meters connected to the unit
  • collect and process data
  • illustrate graphical operating conditions and energy consumption
  • view and manage alarms
  • applications with start-stop functions and control functions