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Datalogger that can remotely read energy, water, cooling and heat meters. 




Our Energy Logger is for you who need a datalogger that can read: 

  • Heat meter 
  • Water meter 
  • Energy meter 
  • Cooling gauge 

Our Datalogger can read most Kamstrup water and heat meters and Carlo Gavazzi energy meters, see table below. 








Our EnergyLogger is supported by our VMS system. This means you can get visualization and analysis of consumption. 

The VMS system collects your/your customers’ consumption data from the meters you set up. The system monitors the operating status of each meter. With this function, your operator receives a notification in the event of any outages or communication errors. 


Why should I have an EnergyLogger? 

With our EnergyLogger, you can have easy and quick installation. Because our EnergyLogger is wireless, you can save up to 80% on installation, compared to one that is not wireless. 

You can easily see how much your customers consumption your customers have, and who has spent what, when. Our EnergyLogger works together with our API economy system, Oeconomia, which makes invoicing to individual customers much easier. 





In 2018, the EU created a new directive (EED 2018), where all future consumption meters in residential properties must be able to be read remotely. This is relevant as from 25 October 2020, all newly installed energy, heat and water meters must be read remotely. From January 2022, all remotely read meters should be able to be read monthly and at the end of 2027, all manual heat and hot water meters must be replaced with remote reading. 

If you want to know more about our EnergyLogger, contact or call us on +45 7580 3960 for more information.





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