Vikingegaarden A/S


Height above ground 

The station can be fitted with different sensors. If the station is equipped with a temperature and/or humidity sensor, the two sensors must be located at a height of 2 metres. There are no requirements for the height at which the rain gauge must be mounted. The wind gauges can be placed at several heights as required. The official height is 10 meters – which is also recommended 

Not 2 meters 

If the temperature is not measured at a height of 2 meters, you should note the height at which it is measured. 








If the station is equipped with an anemometer, the end of the boom with the direction indicator must point towards NORTH – see illustration. to the right. 







Connection of 230 V 

The station is equipped with a cord which is connected to a normal socket. If a longer cord is required, it is recommended to replace it with a new and longer cord. The connection is in the lower west corner of the inner box. 










When the station receives 230 V, it starts up and connects to the mobile Internet. There are two or three LEDs (small lights) on the inner box. GRPS lights up green when the station has established a connection with the mobile internet – this may take 1 to 2 minutes. “Operation” flashes green when the station has received 230 V and is running normally. “GSM” (newer version only) flashes yellow when a GSM connection is established. 







Backup battery 

If the weather station is equipped with a backup battery, open both boxes and connect the battery to the top left connector. The plug only fits in one place.