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Thanks for the year 2019



– We are very excited about the coming new year where we will work really hard on rolling out all the development tasks we have had in 2019 at the same time as we will be much more visible with all the new solutions we can now offer.

For us, 2019 has been a year filled with development and further development of the ProPower IoT system – we are very pleased with the things we have achieved this year. Among other things, we have developed:

  • WaterStation both as a cabinet above ground or sunken well for measuring water consumption.
  • OnsiteLight cabinet for controlling ground lighting on the dock and other areas.
  • Data integration of consumption data from ProPower equipment to financial systems.
  • Calendar management of various ProPower equipment with operational monitoring.
  • ProPower software version 4.0 with extended operation monitoring and wireless measurement of electricity and water.
  • ProPower App beta version.

Industrial ports are offered a digitisation partner in the company Vikingegaarden A/S, where all consumption data in electricity, water and heat can be integrated directly into the port’s financial system. The port’s financial system supplier can simply make an integration so that it can be easy and efficient to settle customers directly from the financial system.

Also, ports are offered an app for easy and efficient operational monitoring, so the port is always updated with the operating status of all installations in the port area. It only takes a few swipes, so the technician has a complete overview of all equipment.

We look forward to offering industrial ports a complete tool for digitising and streamlining workflows across the value chain!

See you in 2020 – we’re ready!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With best regards

Vikingegaarden A / S – M2M wireless communication