Vikingegaarden A/S

Green Harbor Technology helps secure entrances to Icelandic Ports


With more than 4,470 km of coastline yet only a few ports that handles 95% of all transport of goods to the country, the requirements for Aid for safe navigation are high. However, when combined with the violent and dynamic conditions in the North Atlantic & Arctic waters around Iceland, these requirements are extra high.

Green Harbor Technology is therefore extra proud to be chosen by no less than 3 different customers in Iceland to supply buoys and lanterns for critical approaches to 3 different ports in Iceland, including the Port of Reykjavik with a challenging entry for larger ships.






The three orders include 3 different types and sizes of sturdy buoys from FullOceans:

  • FLC-1200:         Lateral Markers
  • FLC-1800:         Lateral Markers
  • FLC-2200:         Cardinal Marker


Buoys from FullOceans

All FullOceans Navigations Buoys are made of rotationally molded plastic (no welds) of partially recycled plastic granules where the color lies in the granules. This means that in addition to being extremely durable and solid, they are environmentally friendly and should never be painted. They are already used in Arctic environments and in other challenging environments with high currents and big waves, and are, for example, approved by the American Coastguard as well as the Canadian Maritime Service.


Lanterns from SABIK Marine

In addition, all the buoys will be equipped with LED-based high-tech lanterns from SABIK Marine designed for Nordic & Arctic conditions in an innovative design with state-of-the-art production in the highest quality.

SABIK Lanterns are approved and used by all 5 Nordic Sea administrations – including IRCA from Iceland.

The lanterns chosen are:

  • VP LED lanterns:            Robust ice lantern chosen for the special northern locations
  • M860:                                Powerful self-sufficient (solar powered) lanterns designed for northern locations


VP LED lanterns




Buoys & Lanterns are now on their way to Iceland and will be assembled and laid out during the summer months.


GHT is proud to help ensure safe Navigation and sailing to and from Icelandic Ports, and looks forward to further projects in the future.