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NCC Roads uses RoadPrint Fleet Management for the administration and management of tasks within Road Service with sweeping of roads and parks for municipalities, regions and the state. The data filtering makes it easy for each actor to get an overview of sweeping tasks.

NCC Roads services the Danish roads with sweeping, asphalting, pruning, mobile signage and much more. Within sweeping alone, there are 34 cars stuck on the roads. The tasks are carried out for municipalities, the state and private companies.

Tracking and control

There is a tracker in the sweeper, which collects data on position and whether the broom is up or down and sends data to the cloud-based system in real time. The data that the data loggers send can also be used to optimize based on this. The GPS data is so precise that on the same road a route can be made for a cycle path, road and central concession, and thus the sweeping maps become very precise.

NCC Roads has some mobile data loggers, which are used for vehicles that do not need fixed data loggers – for example whiteboard trucks. Furthermore, the data logger can also be used for tracking. Should it happen that a vehicle is stolen, it can be found using the data logger, which sends the GPS position.

The customer

The customer who orders a sweeping task can also access a status page on VMS Cloud. The customer will be able to see the status of the ordered tasks – whether they have been started or completed. It provides great security in relation to control that the customer himself has access. It is easy to see whether a task has been completed or not. The customer can limit the display of data by time, geography or work task.

Road Directorate, the database Vinterman

When tasks are performed for the state, data must be automatically sent to the Danish Road Directorate’s database, Vinterman, this is done via a web service from the cloud in real time. The drivers have great flexibility in the system and can make settings for which data is to be sent to the Danish Road Directorate.

The big strength

The great strength of RoadPrint, according to NCC Roads, is the flexibility that lies in the selection of data for display for different user types. The traffic manager himself defines who should see what, and the various players thus only see the data they each need – no more, no less.

“When there are several colleagues on one task, I can see where the others are driving, so we don’t run the risk of driving to the same place twice”.

Jesper Løkkegaard,machine operator, NCC Roads

“The fact that we can always document our routes and completed tasks is an incredibly big advantage in providing service for our customers. We can always provide a current status for a given task and when we were last there. In addition, we can draw precise figures for how many km have been driven and swept”

Maki Sebastian Hadziantoniou, sales and contract manager – Sweeping service, NCC Roads


“It is a big advantage for me that I can always see exactly where each sweeper is – that way I can quickly send the nearest sweeper to an urgent task”

Peter Christensen, driving manager, NCC Roads