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New customer: Port of Nakskov

Port of Nakskov chooses the ProPower system to achieve savings on energy usage in area lighting and centralisation of operations.


ProPower OnSiteLight

Port of Nakskov, which is part of Commercial Ports of Lolland, has chosen the ProPower system for operational optimisation of energy usage in area lighting.

ProPower OnSiteLight

ProPower OnSiteLight enables the port to manage area lighting at the port by demand – thus the port is in total control of how much energy is used in the port area. In addition, the port can remotely control the operation of the area lighting centrally.

ProPower OnsiteLight is part of the ProPower system with user control, where usage in electricity, water and heat is registered for every customer. Various equipment such as electricity supply stand, water station and data logger for built-in-installation for energy usage logging are each connected to a central cloud system, where all consumption data can be retrieved and invoiced.

Port of Nakskov gets a powerful tool for energy optimisation with optional equipment to expand the system. With simple installations, the port can digitise electricity, water, and heat usage throughout the port with access to usage data from the same cloud system.

In addition, the port can also do GPS monitoring on their buoys – all from one system.

About Port of Nakskov

Port of Nakskov is located close to international sailing routes in the Langeland Belt with an optimal location in good sailing conditions. There are significant port-related business activities. You can find companies at Port of Nakskov in service within raw materials, grain and feed, food, project goods, stevedore, and ship brokerage.


  • 5 m water depth
  • 2 km quay and Ro-Ro rental
  • 60 ha. port and commercial area
  • 4,400 m2 warehouses and warehouses
  • 25 km to the motorway