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We are experts in data logging, wireless data communication and remote control of processes with cloud-based system and electronic data exchange between cloud system and own IT system.






We are experts in data logging, wireless data communication and remote control of processes with cloud-based system and electronic data exchange between cloud system and own IT system.

We develop, produce and deliver total solutions for ports and industrial companies in need of optimization and streamlining of operations.

  • We offer standard solutions that are ready for commissioning.
  • We offer adaptation of existing total solutions according to needs and wishes.
  • We offer development of new total solutions according to requirements and wishes.

We have a close partnership with several Danish and recognized players in the production of eg electrical switchboards, racks in galvanized iron, standard components for various measurement and registration of consumption. Total solutions such as ProPower ServicePedestal and ProPower WaterStation produced in Denmark.

The company was founded by Ulrik Østergaard in 2003 and had one employee at the time. After a couple of years as a startup company, Vikingegaarden A / S was registered in 2006. The company currently has 10 employees located in Denmark and Lithuania, respectively.

Digitization is our fad

Owner manager Ulrik Østergaard was ahead of his time and saw an increasing need for digitization of processes and facilities. Therefore, the units for monitoring and control were supplemented with an online management system already back in 2003. The online management system runs to this day, and is known today as VMS Cloud.

Recent years have been marked by solutions for industrial ports with digitization of consumption of electricity, water and heat which has resulted in the IoT system ProPower.

Since 2006, the company has provided solutions in, among other things, operational monitoring and control of eg pumps, pressure transmitters and temperature meters as well as monitoring and data logging of various analog and digital signals for the agricultural industry, industrial ports, contractors, machine stations, installers, the public and EU projects within SmartenCity and E-mobility.


Our services

We offer a wide range of IoT solutions in automation, fleet management and energy-water-heat consumption billing solutions.


We are always looking for new business opportunities, and are open to trying new ideas and new ways to use our skills and knowledge. That is why we are happy to participate in research and development projects, either alone or with partners.

Development project

Many of our customers have special wishes and needs – here we start a development project where we solve a given task and develop a tailor-made solution. For more information on collaboration and development projects, see under Development.

Total solutions

We are proud to say that we develop and deliver total solutions that are proven and documented systems – ready for the market. Solutions are composed of proven components.


We operate with core components in VikMote units for total solutions together with components from well-known companies such as Carlo Gavacci and Schneider Electric.

  • VikMote devices act as data loggers and RTCU in 2G / 3G / LAN communication
  • Cloud-based system powered by VMS
  • Carlo Gavazzi
  • Schneider Electric
  • Advantech mobile routers
  • Uni-Tel SIM card for VikMote devices (as a service if desired, other SIM cards can be used)
  • GSM antennas and antenna fittings

M2M Shop – Vikingegaardens web shop

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Vikingegaarden’s subdivisions


Ports & Waters
Our department, Green Harbor Technology, works in the delivery of solutions for ports, waters and bridges – see more about what we offer here

Industry & Agriculture
Our department Vikingegaarden provide solutions for agriculture and industry – see more about this here

Consulting & Design
Our department professional services provides IT solutions for security in your company. – see more about this here



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