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Partner Portal is the second step we take in the electronic documentation system SCIOSS we have launched. We want to create the best cloud-based automation solutions in the market. It also includes documentation of the solutions we offer. We have therefore integrated a cloud-based documentation system for the solutions we develop, produce and deliver with a separate access to our partners.

Customers and partners have access to fully updated manuals and assembly instructions electronically around the clock, every day of the week. All documentation is electronically centralised where customers and partners have access to each of their required information. All are provided with detailed manuals and documentation to minimise errors, and this ensures a more efficient process in the production and commissioning of equipment.

Standardised equipment

Equipment and supplies are always built according to a standardised principle, where components used are primarily from well-known brands. This is to accommodate customers’ easy access to spare parts.

Climate awareness

We are a company that develops, manufactures and delivers solutions with future-proof awareness – we would like to extend this to climate awareness in the way we exchange information. We would like to help to reduce paper consumption in the Danish industry where we move documentation on a cloud-based system. With a cloud-based documentation system, customers and partners only requires hitting the refresh-button on smartphone, tablet or pc and get latest information rather than waiting for a paper delivery for several days. It is a win-win situation for the climate and efficiency.

The next 12 months

  • SCIOSS is currently available in Danish only. In the next 12 months, all documentation will be moved to SCIOSS and it will also be launched in English.
  • We start the new year 2020 with an app version for SCIOSS, where customers and partners can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.