Vikingegaarden A/S

Januar 2020

These days, Erik Lytzen A/S is well underway with building 7 new supply boards for Hirtshals Harbor with the integration of the ProPower ServicePedestal intelligence management system, thus Hirtshals Harbor now has 42 supply boards with the ProPower system.

Erik Lytzen A/S has long been a supplier of supply stands for the Port of Hirtshals, and with the port’s special supply stands, a collaboration between Erik Lytzen A/S and Vikingegaarden A/S came into play.

Due to the port’s customized solution, which cannot simply be replaced with completely new supply stands, Vikingegaarden A/S instead supplies the ServicePedestal intelligence system to Erik Lytzen A/S, which produces the boards for Hirtshals Harbour.

“We have a very good collaboration with Vikingegaarden A/S, where we are supplied with components for electronic measurement of electricity consumption from the quay stands at Hirtshals Harbour.

We build the boards for the quay stands, test them in close cooperation with the support department from Vikingegaarden A/S, so that they are ready for assembly and commissioning upon delivery to the port. We carry out tests and set up the IoT devices both via web login and SMS. It is easy and works well.”

Lars Jensen, director of Hirtshal’s department.

Erik Lytzen producerer eltavler
On the left, Kristoffer Mikaelsen, who builds the switchboards, and on the right, Lars Jensen, who is director of the Hirtshals department.


Standardized solutions as a core competency

ServicePedestal is a supply stand for measuring and data collection of electricity consumption at industrial ports and the like. It is delivered as standardized solutions as a turnkey solution.

“We want to make it easy and clear for our customers, where they can simply choose electrical panels. They are fully drawn and ready for production. We have, for example, as many as 31 different electrical panels and 4 different pipe racks that customers can simply choose from. As a starting point, we deliver standard solutions. In case of need in addition to standard solutions, we offer OEM solutions where together we find a good solution for the customer”, says Ulrik Østergaard.

ServicePedestal as an OEM solution for the Port of Hirtshals

“In special cases such as at the Port of Hirtshals, we supply OEM solutions where Erik Lytzen A/S produces supply boards for measuring and data collection of electricity consumption at the quayside”, explains Ulrik Østergaard.

Regardless of which solution is chosen, the meter units are MID-approved and can be used for business invoicing.

A number of software modules can be selected if an even more efficient and even easier workflow is desired.

Cloud-based solution

With ProPower, ports and companies get a 100% cloud-based solution with web login for configuration and monitoring of equipment as well as an online tool for monitoring consumption of electricity, water and heat in real time and making data extractions of consumption data as a report.

Consumption data directly in the port’s financial system

It doesn’t get any easier to manage and settle consumption data from, for example, supply stands and rental premises where a data collector from the ProPower system has been installed. With WebService ERP for ProPower, companies are able to bill their customers directly from their own financial system.

WebService ERP is a module in the ProPower system for electronic data exchange between VMS Cloud and financial systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The module is integrated into financial systems, so it is easy for bookkeepers to account for consumed electricity, water and heat from, for example, the quay or rental premises.