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ProPower ServicePedestal – charging stations for electric cars

ProPower ServicePedestal is also available as charging station for electric cars with Type 2 power outlet. In addition, there are various options in power outlets with voltage in 230V or 400V with power from 16A to 125A. If more power than 125A is needed in the outlet, selected supply stands can also be obtained with a 350A Powerlock outlet.

ProPower ServicePedestal is a Danish-developed marine power pedestal with self-service by a mobile phone or a key fob with contactless function. All electricity consumption is automatically recorded from the moment the customer turns on the outlet and starts using electricity. Consumption is stored in the marine power pedestal. When the customer has finished using the power and unplugs, the customer receives a text message as a receipt with consumption data. All registration is synchronized with cloud system in real time via GSM communication. An accountant can then log on to the cloud system and retrieve consumption reports and use it as documentation when invoicing.

Today’s trends of electric cars on the Danish roads

According electric cars are the most CO2-friendly cars in relation to the vehicle’s life from production to scrap. Create easy access to charging points for EV motorists by making charging stations available powered by ProPower ServicePedestal.

ProPower ServicePedestal are standardised solutions where they are ready for production in Denmark when ordering.

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