Vikingegaarden A/S

Quality, Safety and satisfied customers 

These are three main concepts that characterize floating piers & pontoons from Swedish Pontech Marina AB. 

Vikingegaarden A/S and Pontech Marina AB have entered a partnership for the sale of pontoons and floating piers in Denmark, Iceland and Greenland. This means that Vikingegaarden A/S through this partnership and cooperation can offer some new and exciting solutions within piers and pontoons for Danish ports & marinas, that will financially viable and benefit the environment. In addition, we will have the market’s best experts on the sidelines. 

Great synergy 

With floating bridges and pontoons from Pontech Marina AB and Vikingegaarden A/S’ service pedestals and navigation markings etc., can we now offer complete solutions for ports and marinas. 

The partnership creates a good synergy between the two companies, as they both have a strong focus on “quality, safety and satisfied customers” within the maritime environment, and thereby creates opportunity for joint growth in the Nordics. 

The products will be available under Vikingegaarden A/S’ division for Ports & Marinas: 

Green Harbor Technology. 

Stronger Solutions for Blue Denmark 

“We are incredibly happy to have entered a collaboration with Pontech Marina AB, especially in floating piers & pontoons. We can thereby strengthen our product portfolio and get one step closer to delivering a full port package to customers” – Ulrik Østergaard CEO of Vikingegaarden A/S 

“We look forward to continuing our expansion in Denmark together with Vikingegaarden, which has broad competence and experience in the Danish marine market. Together, we have every opportunity to create the marinas of the future.” – Jonas Nordbäck COO of Pontech Marina AB 

Pontech Marina AB 

Pontech Marina AB has, over several years, developed, produced and sold pontoons with a constant focus on quality, safety and ultimately satisfied customers and is one of the players who set the standard in the industry. 

Pontech Marina AB is involved in driving the development of floating structures and has established a leading position in Europe. The company has finished products for concrete pontoons and breakwaters and can supply high-quality piers to customers in the marine industry. They also have tailor-made solutions for floating structures, for example hotels, restaurants, homes and offices. 

Vikingegaarden A/S 

Vikingegaarden A/S is the developer of the IT system ProPower, which is a web- and IOT-based solution for operating and recording consumption for electricity, water, light and heat, as well as a supplier of all types of maritime markings such as beacons, lanterns, buoys etc. Under the Green Harbor Technology division, there is now an entire portfolio of products and solutions for Blue Denmark.