Vikingegaarden A/S



The rain gauge consists of 3 parts: Collection funnel, housing with measuring unit and a base. The parts are pressed together and can therefore be assembled and disassembled without the use of tools. 

The funnel has a collection area of 200 cm2. 

The rain gauge registers the amount of rain via the funnel, which directs the rainwater into the self-draining bucket. A magnet is placed on the spoon which holds the spoon in its normal position. This causes the spoon to empty with a quick movement (under 300 mS) and return to normal position. 

The rain gauge has a resolution of 0.2 mm with an accuracy of ±2%. The capacity is 12 tips per min., which is 2.4 mm per minute or 144 mm per hour. 







The rain gauge is made of materials that make it frost-proof. 


It consists of: 

  • Collecting funnel – removable 
  • Self-draining spoon 
  • Meter housing 
  • Screw that holds the measuring unit 
  • The unit of measurement 
  • Adjustment screw – clockwise = positive effect (i.e. more rain) 
  • Bottom with holes – removable 

The wire is connected to 1 and 2 in the terminal block at the rocker switch. 










The rain gauge is made of materials that withstand both frost and heat, as well as sunlight. The material is called Stryrosun – further information can be requested. 

Snow and sleet 

The rain gauge cannot measure precipitation in solid form, however, snow, sleet and hail will be collected. When it is freezing weather, the precipitation will be counted. Snow usually blows around, and the collected snow is rarely an expression of the falling precipitation.