Vikingegaarden A/S


Keep up with what we are working on now and on our plans for developments of new solutions

Our goal is to keep one step ahead of continuously developing our cloud-based automation solutions for digitisation of industrial ports and industry business.

We are adaptable and always listening to customer needs and requests.

Industrial ports are of great importance to us. For the last 2 years, we have helped at least 7 industrial ports in digitisation of electricity, water and heat consumption from one system. It is a fantastic statement of confidence when, for example, the country’s 3rd largest industrial port chooses our system for digitisation and streamlining work processes at their port. Obviously, it is a task that we take upon on us with some pride. It is also a huge responsibility, which is why we make loads of investment in terms of further development of the cloud system and development of additional solutions to the ProPower system.

Check here on what we currently are working on – it is a map of current and future projects that we develop. It is a dynamic tool and is always updated with the latest news.