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In close collaboration, SH Group and Vikingegaarden now offer a reliable and efficient total solution for shore power, which puts a turbo on the green transition in Danish ports and facilitates the working day for both crews and port staff.




Shipping and port operations account for 3-4% of global CO emissions. In Denmark, the industry has long since taken on its share of responsibility and is in full swing with the green transition: Danish ports aim to be CO₂-neutral in 2030, and a close collaboration between SH Group and Vikingegaarden now makes this work significantly easier. reach.


CO2 emissions can be reduced by 88%

The two companies offer total solutions for installation and operation of shore power, and there is really something to be gained from the climate account. Calculations from Vikingegaarden show that CO2 emissions can typically be reduced by up to 88% with shore power. In addition, particulate and noise pollution can be reduced, and depending on the prices of electricity and diesel, shore power can provide major economic savings for shipowners.

“It is actually a total solution in more ways than one,” notes Business Development Manager Jacob Sørensen from SH Group. “Together with Vikingegaarden, we can deliver a turnkey solution where everything is included in the price – and which contributes to better and greener operation on almost all parameters”.

User-friendly total solutions

The solutions from SH Group and Vikingegaarden focus on reliability, efficiency and high user-friendliness. SH Group produces complete container-based onshore power solutions that supply the power to ships and cranes. The company can also handle the installation work on ships that do not yet have plugs for shore power, and its competencies in hydraulics, steel, automation and electricity mean that the installation work proceeds extremely efficiently.

Meanwhile, Vikingegaarden’s Green Harbor Technology department provides IT systems that accurately record power consumption. Crews can easily access the system around the clock via a mobile app that provides a good overview of consumption, and port staff can quickly retrieve consumption data into the financial system and invoice for power consumption.

“Together with SH Group, we can make the entire solution from end to end with the customer in the center,” says Ulrik Østergaard from Vikingegaarden A / S. “We take care of everything – from setting up the containers at the port, giving the captain easy access to pick up power and helping the port office to bill every single kilowatt correctly.”

Flexibility and security

The common total solution offers many benefits. The containers provide high flexibility as they can be moved as needed with a forklift. Flexibility also applies on the software side: Once you have created the system, you have access to it around the clock and can quickly and easily get shore power in all ports that use the system, and enjoy regular and clear invoices.

Although the solution is controlled via the Internet, the system can supply power even if the Internet connection is down. It protects against unintentional interruptions on board and provides increased safety for users. SH Group is represented in several Danish ports, which ensures quick access to competent technical service on containers and loading systems.

Green employment and development

The total solutions from SH Group and Vikingegaarden contribute to creating employment and growth at the ports: The solutions are established in collaboration with local contractors, and the efficient and user-friendly shore power solutions can become an important competitive parameter for ports and ships, as more and more logistics customers demand reduced emissions. supply chain – including shore power.

“With this collaboration, we and Vikingegaarden are putting a turbo on a greener development of Danish ports – for the benefit of both the local area and the climate,” concludes Jacob Sørensen from SH Group.




More info:

Ulrik Østergaard, CEO, Vikingegaarden, tlf. +45 27 600 200, e-mail
Jacob Sørensen, Business Development Manager, SH Group, tlf. +45 4070 9667, e-mail  


Vikingegaarden A/S ( and designs intelligent IoT solutions, including for ports through the Green Harbor Technology department. The goal is to create digitalisation and efficiency that leads to sustainability and promotes the green transition. The company is based in Vonge near Vejle.

SH Group A/S (https://shgroup.dkis an international company within the development, production and service of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical system solutions for e.g. the offshore and marine sector. The company is headquartered in Svendborg, but also operates service departments in a number of Danish ports.