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Overview of empty and full slurry tanks – monitoring and remote control powered by BioWatch.

BioWatch is a solution for biogas plants and farmers for controlling and operational monitoring of slurry agitators and monitoring of the slurry level in the storage tanks.

BioWatch enables biogas plants to have an overview of full tanks with raw slurry ready to pick up and empty tanks to dispose degassed slurry at associated farmers.

BioWatch monitor leakage and content level for overflow protection.

  • Start and stop the slurry agitator.
  • Slurry agitator operational status.
  • Status on content level of tanks.
  • Alarms at high/low content level.
  • Automatic stop of feed pump at high level.

VMS Cloud provides status of current operational status, content level and time stamp of last time the slurry agitator was started. The full insight gives biogas plants possibility to streamline the logistics that will save all parties for time and resources. The lorry driver can plan his route from VMS, where to deliver degassed slurry or where to pick up raw slurry. The lorry driver can also check the tank’s slurry agitator status before departure and remote-start the agitator if needed.


BioWatch is delivered as an electric panel with or without pressure transmitter – ready for assembly and start-up.


If you have technical questions or would you like more information, please contact Biogas Teknik, which we cooperate with in the BioWatch solution.

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