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FlexSlurry is developed in close cooperation with Danish farmers focusing on types of slurry to ensure the most reliable alarm system – the farmer is alerted by leakage/spillage or at low/high level of contents in the slurry tank.


FlexSlurry is a solution for monitoring the slurry tank’s slurry level – alarm messages are sent if there is a leak or leakage and if the slurry level in the tank is too low or too high. FlexSlurry ensures that the farmer complies with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s legal requirements for a slurry tank located near lakes and streams.

FlexSlurry takes into account of the difference between cattle or pig slurry, thus providing more reliable alarm messages, for example when monitoring a slurry tank of cattle slurry. FlexSlurry comes with robust and stainless components that provide a long life for the alarm system.

Silt in the slurry tank

Some farmers use sand as bedding in the cattle herd, and it can thicken the slurry liquid in the bottom of the tank which can cause clogging of the immersion tube and make it impossible to measure the current level of slurry. FlexGylle provides a solution with focus on the thickness of silt as it is of great importance for the location of the pressure transmitter.

The FlexGylle immersion tube ensures that the pressure sensor always has slurry to measure as the tube has holes in the base to prevent clogging. This saves the farmer time and resources when the FlexGylle immersion tube is not to be cleaned as often as other solutions with immersion tubes without holes. At the same time, the farmer can always be sure to receive an alarm message if the slurry level suddenly drops.

Protection of the river from slurry spill powered by FlexGylle

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