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Protect the stream with FlexGylle. 


FlexGylle is a monitoring system developed in close collaboration with Danish farmers. 

Developed with a focus on different types of slurry, which ensures a reliable alarm in the event of spills or in the event of either too low or too high a content level in the slurry tank. FlexGylle is your solution for monitoring the slurry tank’s slurry level. 

Get the safest possible monitoring system for your slurry tank with FlexGylle. 

Bottom sludge in the slurry tank 

If you use bedding like sand, a lot of bottom mud can occur in the tank, this is not a problem for FlexGylle, as the pressure transmitter is simply placed over the bottom mud and the thickness of the bottom mud is adjusted. 

The bottom sludge in the slurry tank can thicken the slurry liquid at the bottom, which can lead to clogging of the immersion pipe and makes it impossible to measure the current slurry level. The FlexGylle solution has been developed with a focus on the thickness of bottom sludge, as this has a great importance for the placement of the pressure transmitter. 

The immersion tube in FlexGylle ensures that the pressure sensor always has slurry liquid to measure from, as the tube, with holes in the bottom, ensures against clogging. It saves the farmer time and resources when the immersion pipe in FlexGylle does not have to be cleaned as often compared to other solutions with immersion pipes without holes, at the same time the farmer can always be sure of receiving an alarm message if the slurry level suddenly drops. 

Protection of the river from slurry spill powered by FlexGylle

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