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GateGate is a telemetry solution for steady wireless data communication in real-time between decentralised measurement points and the control centre – it is a solution that is budget-friendly and future-proof.

Wireless data transfer solution:

  • Measurement of analog and digital values
  • Flexible measurement points
  • No use of meter converters

Gate2Gate replaces GSM modems in the control cabinets used for redundant data transfer. Everything is monitored and if the VPN should be disconnected, an SMS alarm is sent directly to the 24-hour shift from the system.

Heat Supply

Gate2Gate ensures optimal operation in heat supply. All data is transferred in real time, so any analog or digital process value is transferred in real-time to the device mounted in the SCADA system.

The solution provides digital and analogue i/o-signal handling 2-way. All parameters can be set via the cloud-based system. For example, pressure and temperature are measured – e.g. for temporary measurements. If a customer reports irregularity in the heat supply, the electrician makes point measurements at the site to check the operating status from a suitcase-control unit. Measurements may vary in days or weeks. Hereby it is easy to detect whether the problem lies in the heat supply or in the customer’s heating system.

All data, measured and logged, is transferred directly to the SCADA system in real time. The operating staff can quick and easy detect, fix any errors so that the customer’s heat supply is running again. In addition to the suitcase solution, there are also fixed installation devices.

Water Supply

Gate2Gate can also be used for point measurements on water supply lines to assess whether a stationary measurement is to be established. It is possible to move the measurement around the system and to make time-limited measurements of a given point.

This is an economically sound solution, and by making multiple point measurements, data collection can be further optimised.

District heating plants uses Gate2Gate for mirroring signals

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