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ProPower – Digitalisation

ProPower – Digitisation

ProPower Digitalisation IoT system for companies in need of consumption registration and user management for facilities such as electricity and water – all from one system

Get insight of consumption data for each user, operational status, and easy user management from one system

ProPower is a system for companies in need of digitisation of electricity, water and heat consumption in commercial buildings and remote areas. Get an overview of consumption data from each customer and/or commercial building from one system. Thus, companies map costs for various facilities and can register all consumption for each customer automatically. It is easy to retrieve documentation for consumed electricity, water or heating from the system and can use it for invoicing the customer.

Streamlining and operational optimisation

It is a system for management that needs a powerful tool for streamlining workflows and operational optimisation. Everything in ProPower equipment is monitored and notifications are sent to key people and operational managers if there is an outage, has no communication or the like. The company can easily get insight of the operational status via an app or from the cloud system. This gives the company instant insight of the entire installations and can delegate tasks.

ProPower equipment

ProPower equipment collects data of e.g. electricity, water, and heating usage. It is stand-alone equipment that communicates 1-1 to the cloud system and is therefore runs completely independent in terms of data communication with no connection with other equipment. In addition, the equipment can operate offline and synchronize with the cloud system when a connection is re-established. The customer can still use the equipment with automatic registration of consumption even if there is no internet connection:

  • Oeconomia API
  • OrderManager
  • OperationManager
  • LoadSharing
  • CalendarManager


A ProPower equipment is operated via the customer’s mobile – simply call or by beep-in with a key fob the equipment to turn on the power or open for water. When the purchase is completed, the customer automatically receives a receipt to his phone.


ProPower equipment can be updated at any time with the latest version of ProPower IoT system. Each ProPower equipment can be upgraded via the cloud system and get extended services and features. This gives companies a strong IoT system which is always completely optimised and improved.

Expand as needed

Get this unique cloud system that every added ProPower equipment will be connected to. As the needs expands and number of installations are required, the cloud system follows. A very flexible cloud system for dynamic companies in need of a dynamic system that can be expanded just as LEGO bricks.

Privacy Policy

Companies can be sure of a top-secured data communication, where all communication between equipment and the cloud system is encrypted. Data is hosted in Denmark at the country’s leading hosting centre. Data is backed up by professional cloud suppliers in Denmark.

Climate and sustainability

Each ProPower equipment is pre-designed, ready for production in Denmark in collaboration with national providers in electrical panels. A turnkey solution is provided, thus no time consuming developing and designing every solution – ProPower equipment is produced for a long service life. Each component is chosen with care and we only use components and equipment from reputable manufacturers. We focus on sustainable solutions that last for many years. Therefore, we have almost non-existent maintenance costs for the solutions we offer.

Expert in cloud-based solutions

We are experts in cloud-based solutions. We have equipment from 2004 which still runs to this day and delivers valuable information to our customers. It is a strong series of equipment that is constantly updated and improved.

ProPower App

Manage every ProPower equipment by every company from ProPower App. As a ProPower user, you can easily access all ProPower equipment throughout the country. All you must do is to be registered as a customer at the company and be granted access, then you can operate any provided ProPower equipment. With the ProPower App you can:

  • Turn on and off an electricity or water outlet from a ProPower device
  • View an overview on a map of available ProPower equipment
  • View which electrical outlets if they are available on a ProPower equipment
  • Keep track of consumption on ongoing purchases, e.g. have you turned on an electrical outlet and check if it is still on and how much energy you have consumed so far
  • Access to your history of consumption data, e.g. what I used of electricity or water last week, and which port the consumption was registered in

Service and hotline

We are always available with support and service. We supply 24/7 support servive all year round. We have an efficient support system with close contact to our customers with support ticket system.
All documentation for all equipment is available online at

We are your external IoT department

We are developers of IoT systems based on ProPower. We are always ready to help you get started with an IoT system where the development of a new system is based on the user’s needs. We have a solid basic system that can be further developed to exactly the needs of your company. So do not hesitate to contact us if we do not have the equipment you need.