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Dynamic tool for monitoring equipment with an overview map


Dynamic tool monitoring equipment with a graphical overview of all equipment with precise locations on an overview map

OperationManager is a dynamic tool for monitoring equipment for companies and institutions that needs a graphical overview of all equipment on online overview map – with precise location for each equipment and detailed operating status.

An equipment can be that monitors and data logs consumption in electricity, water and heat or access control at e.g. gate control.

Real-time monitoring and data logging

Everything in the equipment is monitored in real time, and each equipment is connected to the ProPower system where the overview map is updated in real time, for example if the supply voltage is removed from an equipment then the equipment will be shown with a red icon on the overview map in real time. A red icon means that the equipment has an error that should be corrected. A green icon means everything is in order and in operation.

Effective troubleshooting

The staff is always updated with the operating status wherever they are, if they have a mobile phone. An alarm message is sent as SMS and/or email as soon as the error occurs. The staff can log on to VMS Cloud and immediately get a complete overview of the operation. The screen shows all equipment with either red or green icons. The staff can immediately identify which equipment is marked in red and can with a single click get detailed operating status of the equipment and from there decide what to fix. It increases the efficiency of troubleshooting and can make hours available for the staff to do other tasks.