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Oeconomia API

Oeconomia API

From production to accounting system!

Oeconomia API is a module for the ProPower system for electronic data exchange between accounting systems and the cloud-based system for ProPower, VMS Cloud. Oeconomia API communicates 2-way with the customers accounting system in real time. The bookkeeper can easily manage all consumption data and invoice customers from own accounting system for consumption data in real time from VMS Cloud.

Automated consumption data management

Oeconomia API is for companies that want to streamline administrative processes in settling of consumed electricity, water and heat. With Oeconomia API, only the bookkeeper is involved in the administration of consumption data and settlement. The technician, who usually retrieves consumption data for the bookkeeper, now gets freed working hours for other tasks. The bookkeeper does not have to be nervous about making typing errors, since all consumption data is automatically transferred to the accounting system – ready for billing. This increases data reliability and releases resources in the form of working hours for respective areas of responsibility.

Data security

We take our customers’ data seriously and work every day to make VMS Cloud safe and strong. The system is with encrypted communication between the web server and the customer’s system. IP binding is used so that only authorized customers and business partners have access to web services, where limited access to data from specific locations is also taken into account. Likewise, GEO-blocking is used so that all communication to web server from blocked countries is impossible.


It is a solution that can be continuously expanded with as many ProPower equipment as needed. In that sense, the system is future-proof. Expand as needed, and all consumption data from all ProPower equipment will be registered in Oeconomia API, completely automatically.


Only requirement is integration to the accounting system made by the customers accounting system supplier.

Price and delivery

Oeconomia API is a module for additional purchase to the ProPower system. It is a solution based on standards in web services for data exchange between systems. It only requires integration into the customers’ accounting system, which is made in collaboration with the customers’ system supplier. Call us and inquire about price.


Oeconomia API is one of the latest modules for the ProPower system and is being implemented by several of Vikingegaarden’s customers.