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Data driven decisions - a complete overview of operation status with graphs and reports

Vision is a system for data acquisition and process optimization. By collecting data from processes achieved opportunities for lower costs and higher profits by exercising the functions, personnel and equipment more efficiently.

A VikMote device with built-in data logger installed applications requiring monitoring – it can be a pump, a power meter, a pressure transmitter, a vehicle, or otherwise.

The logged data is automatically transferred to Vikingegaarden’s web-based monitoring system, VMS. The customer decides which data to be displayed to the user profiles.

The web-based monitoring system VMS

VMS is Vikingegaarden Management System. It is a web-based system that shows the desired data from operations.

With VMS you can see status here and now from the process, and generate reports and graphs showing the logged data. Data are stored and can be loaded again eg for documentation.

  • 2-way communication with equipment, devices and vehicles over the GSM network.
  • Encryption of data transmission.
  • Real-time access to systems and features.
  • Modular software with web-based and dynamic interface.
  • Collection, history and analysis of data.
  • Future-proof system that can be expanded with several VMS modules and VikMote units.
  • Alarms can be set as desired. For critical monitoring tasks, status outputs are monitored by other external alarm systems.

Frisesdahls purifying stations

On Frisesdahls purification stations is fitted with a data logger from which data is transmitted wirelessly to Vikingegaarden VMS server via GPRS (mobile network). They need no fixed line and stations quick to commission, which is especially important in acute remediation. VikMote device ensures automatic logging of operating data and ensure that data is never lost.

“Our customers are very excited to pull data out – it gives them a good view”

Hans Jørgen Frisesdahl

Director, Frisesdahl

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