Vikingegaarden A/S

2022 has been a wild year for Vikingegaarden A/S, a lot has happened, which is fantastic. We have expanded a lot in terms of personnel, but also in terms of product, partnerships, and customers. 


We have got 3 new employees, 2 in marketing and one software developer. Which has made it easier to follow our customers’ wishes. 

There were also created a new division, Professional Services, under Vikingegaarden A/S. We’ve got Michael Otto, who is responsible for It-security and services. 

In September we took over Cumulus, and got meteorologist Torben Klausen on the team, which has been amazing. His knowledge about weather stations and weather data. 


We have also acquired some amazing partnerships throughout the year. One with OI Consult with Ove Ibsen and one with Pontech, which means we can deliver bigger and better solutions to our customers. Since we have a goal to deliver a full harbor solution to our customers, makes us one step closer. 


A lot has happened when it comes to the development of products, while new products have also arrived. 

OceanWatcher is one of the new products that has been launched this year. This product can measure water currents 120 meters out in the water. 

The ProPower app for android was also launched this year. The app is so you can operate all ProPower equipment. We are currently working on the IOS/Appstore version. 

We implemented wireless MID meters, which collects consumption of electricity, heating, and cooling. 

More customers have also gone over to Oeconomia Api and have integrated automatic collection of consumption from the ProPower equipment. 


We have been able to export to multiple big customers in Iceland and some on the Faroe Islands. We exported buoys ang lanterns, which is Green Harbor and Vikingegaarden A/S’ most popular products in 2022. 

With all the new employees, partners, and products, we are ready for 2023, when we will take the Nordics by storm.