Vikingegaarden A/S

Thyborøn was established in 1914 and was for the first time used in 1917. 

The establishment of the port became very important for fishing, which lead it to develop, which lead to maritime services being established. Today, Thyborøn Port is a modern harbor in growth, that in 2022 they expanded with 150.000kvm for cargo handling. 

Consumption data directly in the Port’s financial system 

In 2016 Thyborøn Port chose to digitalize the port’s facilities, which means they now use the ProPower system to register electricity and water consumption at quaysides and in buildings. They also use ProPower to control all access through gates and carousels. 

Since Thyborøn in the first customer of the ProPower system, they have also gone all the way. The port has implemented electronic invoicing of all electricity and water consumption with ProPower Oeconomia API. This means that all consumption is transferred to the accounting department – for easy and quick invoicing. Now, in just 20 minutes, they can invoice all the port’s customers for an entire month’s consumption. 

“Manual readings and spreadsheets are now replaced by electronic consumption data. We have saved many days of manual work each month and thus freed up resources for other purposes” – Christian Vrist, Technical Director at Thyborøn Port. 

Water data online 

Thyborøn Port got OceanWatcher in 2023. This means that they can now measure water flow, water temperature and water level. They have 2 OceanWatchers in their port, one located on the outer quay and the other Limfordskaj. With OceanWatcher, you can see how the water conditions are in and around the port on Thyborøn Port’s website.