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Top class industrial process and SCADA surveillance!


Monitoring and alarm management

All processes and components are monitored in each ProPower equipment, where alarms, reports and events are logged with historical data on VMS Cloud. It is a solid solution for monitoring and alarm management for processes and equipment.


Ideal for larger areas

All equipment under ProPower has built-in monitoring of processes and components that have a bearing on a highly efficient operation in the field. Therefore, the ProPower system is ideal for large areas such as industrial ports, industrial areas.


Save time

With extended operational monitoring, monitoring and alarm messages are centralised, enabling the company to save time and streamline employee productivity.

Effective trouble shooting

Key employees in the company are immediately notified of critical alarms, and thus the company is constantly aware of the operating status and can quickly correct critical errors as well as avoid unnecessary disruptions.

For example, the following is monitored in a ServicePedestal:

  • The supply voltage.
  • Phase loss (if a phase is lost to the power supply)
  • Against vandalism – if the system is abused e.g. a relay is forced to stop and provide power.
  • If equipment switches off, e.g. HFI relay and circuit breaker.
  • All communication with e.g. key reader, energy meters and other equipment.
  • Checking data from energy meter, e.g. data is validated and by error an alarm is sent.
  • Temperature monitoring, e.g. at freezing temperatures, turns on internal heat if WaterStation is installed
  • Monitoring of all internal modules in the supply board, e.g. I/O expansion modules in general for all equipment and DALI modules for OnSiteLight.
  • All settings with historical data and records of users making the settings.

ProPower 4.0

All above is available in the new ProPower solutions. Existing customers with ProPower equipment can upgrade the devices to ProPower 4.0. Contact us for more information.