Vikingegaarden A/S

Effective as of September 1, Vikingegaarden A/S has taken over Cumulus A/S Vejrstationer. This is the result of a close collaboration which has now culminated in this takeover.


Great Synergy

Cumulus A/S and Vikingegaarden A/S have known each other for many years, and cooperated from time to time. Therefore, this takeover was an obvious choice when Cumulus A/S looked around for new owners.

The two companies have great synergies with each other in terms of both products and solutions, as well as customers. Both parties see this as a good opportunity to expand, selling weather stations to Danish Harbors and Danish Industry, where Vikingegaarden A/S is already established as a supplier – and vice versa to Cumulus’ customers.

Cumulus A/S produces and sells professional weather stations for industrial segments, where a flexible sensor selection creates scientific data for almost any need.

Over the years, Cumulus A/S has acquired a unique expertise and strong position when it comes to meteorology for professional use.

At the head of both the company and the weather stations themselves is director and meteorologist Torben Klausen.  He holds an extremely high level of expertise within observations of the weather, collection and analysis of data.

Vikingegaarden A/S is the developer of the IT system ProPower, which is a web and IOT based solution for control, monitoring and data collection of electricity, water, light and heat consumption, as well as providing a complete portfolio within AtoN in terms of Lanterns, Beacons and Buoys. Under the ProPower Solutions, there is a whole portfolio of products and equipment that is physically installed at the customers’ premises, providing overview, control and insight into all equipment and consumption at the harbor.


Business as Ususal

Cumulus A/S as such continues unchanged, and Torben Klausen will still be your primary contact person, as he joins Vikingegaarden A/S as Sr. Consultant & Expert.

Going forward, we can offer quite a few improvements as a result of this takeover:

  1. Systems & Production:
    We will increase capacity, streamline production, and focus on upgrading the technology where there is a need.
  2. Data handling and Hosting:
    We will transfer all data handling and hosting to the ProPower IOT System, with greatly improved security, back-ups and uptime.
  3. Total Solutions:
    By combining competences & solutions, we can now offer far wider total solutions to our customers, as well as better options for special solutions.
  4. Customers Handling:
    We expect significant improvements here as well, as there in the new setup will be far more resources to support the customers.


“The combination of the weather stations from Cumulus A/S and Vikingegaarden’s ProPower IOT Platform provides a really powerful tool for the best display of weather data, for ports and waters, as well as agriculture and industry.

With high-quality weather stations and reliable data, the customer gets the best opportunities to judge upcoming weather conditions and thus plan their working day and resources, which will ultimately give the customer savings and better results. We are very excited to now be able to link Cumulus A/S to Vikingegaarden’s family,” says Ulrik Østergaard – CEO. Dir. Vikingegaarden A/S.

“I am very much looking forward to being able to continue working with Cumulus A/S weather stations in the future, but in a different and larger auspices under Vikingegaarden A/S, where more challenging and complex projects will be possible. It will be exciting and fun.” says Torben Klausen, CEO. Director Cumulus A/S.