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Vikingegaarden AS and Præcisions Teknik Marine merges


From today October 16th, two of the leading suppliers of IT-based solutions for industrial harbours, marinas, bridges and maritime markings have chosen to merge. Vikingegaarden AS, which for a number of years has sold digitization and efficiency solutions to e.g. Danish industrial ports & harbours, has been merged with Præcisions Teknik Marine, which for 35 years has sold solutions within navigation aids to the Danish ports & waters.

The merger creates a strong company, which under the auspices of Vikingegaarden AS will have a significant position in the market, with a focus on green transformation for Danish ports.

Vikingegaarden has developed the IT system ProPower, which is a web and IoT based solution for monitoring and data collection of electricity, water, light and heat consumption, as well as monitoring and localization of maritime markings (eg buoys). There is a whole portfolio of products and equipment that are physically installed at the customers. With a login, customers have an overview, control and insight into all equipment and consumption in the ports & harbours.

For 35 years, Præcisions Teknik Marine has supplied turnkey solutions within maritime marking (buoys, lanterns and lighthouses) to both industrial harbours and marinas, as well as for use on bridges and equipment in healthy and waters.


The new company will focus on sales of total solutions to primarily Danish industrial ports within:

  • Green Conversion – A greener environment for the Danish harbours & ports
  • Digitization and Efficiency – Standardized turnkey solutions within digitization and streamlining of Danish harbours & ports
  • Self-Service and User Awareness – Subscription-based systems and solutions which are 100% self-reliant and provide alarms if there are problems
  • Maritime Marking  Turnkey solutions within all maritime marking for Danish ports, straits, bridges and waters


In connection with the merger, the previous owner of Præcisions Teknik Marine, Thomas Dresler, will become chairman of the board of Vikingegaarden AS. Ulrik Østergaard will continue as CEO of Vikingegaarden, and a new sales director has been hired per. october, Michael O. Jönsson.

The merger of our companies has created a larger and stronger company with more resources, stronger finances and a better focus on the development and sale of digitization solutions for the Danish industrial ports. This means that we can now also target the really heavy Industrial Ports in Denmark,” says CEO Ulrik Østergaard.

After exactly 35 years in the industry, I am pleased to announce this merger, which will ensure the continuity of Præcisions Teknik Marine in the new company. I am very much looking forward to my role as Chairman of the Board, and I look forward to working closely with Ulrik to steer the company towards its main goals for the future,” says Chairman Thomas Dresler.

The new sales director, Michael Jönsson, has a degree in Engineering from DTU, and has a solid background in sales of complex turnkey solutions and SaaS models both internationally and regionally.

Danish industrial ports are in rapid development and all ports have ongoing expansions. They demand digitization and systems that can make their everyday lives more efficient. In addition, they also want to reduce their CO2 emissions and their energy consumption – as part of the industry’s overall goals. This merger enables us to fully match these needs, and we look forward to engaging as a strategic partner with the Danish industrial ports & harbours,” concludes CEO Ulrik Østergaard, Vikingegaarden AS.


The new management team will be:

  • Chairman of the Board: Thomas Dresler (founder for Præcisions Teknik Marine)
  • CEO: Ulrik Østergaard (founder, owner & CEO of Vikingegaarden AS)
  • Salesdirector: Michael O. Jönsson (as per October 1st, 2020)


Further Information

Chairman Thomas Dressler

Phone: +45 40 52 12 58


CEO Ulrik Østergaard:

Phone: +4527 600 200