Vikingegaarden A/S


May only be connected to 230 V (where no solar cells or other form of 24-volt supply is used). 

When solar cells are the power source, no other batteries or 230 V may be connected. 

If the backup battery is mounted on the back (model delivered before 2011) of the cover, it must be mounted in the upper right corner during operation. 

The sensors are manufactured and tested to provide data about the weather and must therefore not be influenced in any other way. 


The weather station must not lie on the sensors. 

When transporting in open air, the sensors must be protected. 

Storage of the weather station 

If the station is not in operation, it should be stored at room temperature. Alternatively, the RTCU minicomputer can be disassembled and stored at room temperature. 







The weather station is not protected against lightning. However, a varistor is fitted in most weather stations. It protects against overvoltage that can occur in connection with thunderstorms.