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What is digitisation?

Digitisation enhances or changes the company’s current business processes, features or activities utilised by digital technologies transforming these processes, features and activities into digital data.

Data is generated by digitised information. With the help of online-based GSM modules and cloud-based system, gives the company an insight into customer engagement thus allowing the company to use the collected data in its development and streamlining business processes.

Targeted initiatives in the digitisation process can help to lift or support the company. Digitisation provides a mirror image of the company’s reality and creates transparency. It provides insight and gives the company better control and overview of processes, functions and activities.

Digitalisation of the company’s processes, features and activities also ensures a place in the market in the future. Market developments in business processes also show increasing trends in digitised processes. In order to remain in the ongoing business, companies need to stay up to date and take into action in the digitisation development.

How do businesses digitise?

There are many suppliers and providers that can help companies with the digitisation process – as we can. The VikMote series is the facilitator for digitising the company’s processes, features and activities with real-time data communication with the cloud server.

Where we are different from the other providers, we can offer digitalisation of a wide range of processes, functions and activities under one system. It’s fully up to the customer which modules they have access to. This system offers management of customers and installations from one web login.

Complete solutions as modules