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Cloud-based documentation system provides an easy and clear overview of instructions for the production process for Xylem

Xylem produces the WaterStation both as a well for burial and as a frost-protected board with a water outlet. Most recently, Xylem has produced WaterStation boards, where all documentation for correct installation of water measurement with operational monitoring and data logging is retrieved from the cloud-based documentation system Partner Portal.

Kaj Lindblad from Xylem tells:

Xylem om SCIOSS Partner Portal
To the left is Kaj Lindblad from Xylem and to the right Martin Bagge from Vikingegaarden A / S in front of a ProPower WaterStation as a board with water outlet.

“When I needed to enter the Partner Portal, I simply sent a request from the site and after a few hours I was granted access. Incredibly easy portal to maneuver around, very clear, and super cool that there is a link to the items you need. Very detailed descriptions of various tasks and instructions. Very competent support if doubts arise.”








Cloud-based documentation tool

SCIOSS is the cloud-based documentation system for all solutions from Vikingegaarden A/S. is for everyone with IoT equipment from Vikingegaarden A/S, where requires a login.

About Xylem

Xylem is a water technology company that develops innovative water technology solutions in the entire water cycle. Xylem’s technological strength in the entire water life cycle is unmatched and operates with water solutions within:

  • Collection
  • Distribution
  • Recycling
  • Return to nature

Xylem uses high-performance water technologies, industrial pumps and application solutions that not only use less energy and reduce lifetime costs, but also promote sustainability.

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