Vikingegaarden A/S

Vikingegaarden A/S has been assigned by a port customer to develop sea level observation system where data is automatically sent to DMI


“We have been given a task by one of our port customers to develop a module for the ProPower system with sea level observation system and sea temperature measurement around the port. The customer is part of the Danish Meteorological Institute’s research and measurement of the sea level off the coasts of Denmark. They approached us in need of a system solution with data collection”, says CEO Ulrik Østergaard.

“We consider ourselves the port’s external IoT development department, so of course I accepted the assignment with gratitude and offered our help to develop a system solution to our customer”, Ulrik Østergaard concludes.

Vikingegaarden A/S is already in the process of designing and developing the solution for sea level observation system and sea temperature measurement and can already now reveal that the system will be called ProPower OceanWatcher. The system solution is expected to be ready at the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2020.

ProPower OceanWatcher (OWA) is a solution for all companies that need a monitoring system for sea level observation system and sea temperature measurement with data collection for the Danish Meteorological Institute and for internal use.

Specifically, OWA measures the height of the water surface and sends data via VMS Cloud to DMI, thus giving companies easy overview of the water level and sea temperature around the port by graph display.

The system provides insight into the water level with historical data and can also be used as a warning system/information system for ships.

ProPower OceanWatcher