Write to if you need our assistance.
We respond within 24 hours on weekdays.  


Call +45 7580 3960 and press 2 if you need to speak to an employee. The first 10 minutes are free. After that, the price is DKK 300 ex. VAT per started 15th minute.


Call +45 7580 3961if you really need our assistance outside normal opening hours. The price is DKK 900 per started half an hour plus a starting fee of DKK 600. All prices are ex VAT.  


All documentation is electronic and can be found at


If the accident is over, the defective hardware must be submitted to us and a case must be created by sending an email to with a clear description of the problem. The price for an examination is DKK 250 ex. VAT.

The hardware is sent to:

Vikingegaarden A / S
Tinnetvej 70
7173 Vonge

The package must be clearly marked with the support number that we send to your email address.